Drew Briney

Drew Briney

Your trusted attorney

Drew Briney has served hundreds of clients for over a decade without receiving a single bar complaint and has a reputation for attention to detail – including the very important detail of keeping clients happy.

After entering the J. Reuben Clark Law School on Scholarship in 1998, he has been helping clients with remarkable results ever since. As an intern for Bristol-Myers Squibb, he advised his client about properly complying with complex international laws, including how to carefully handle a previously undiscovered loophole in the so-called “mailbox” provision that could have cost the client up to $200 Million in potential losses; the supervising attorney retired early after presenting Drew’s findings to the board of directors.

Drew’s first case as a solo attorney was defending an international tort case that was seeking $25 Billion dollars in damages. Appealed to the United States Supreme Court, Drew’s client prevailed, recouped his attorney’s fees, and the case was published in the Federal Reporter. Although it is rare for attorneys to get published in these legal digests once in a lifetime, Drew Briney’s name appeared twice before he turned 40 – the second time for a high profile Utah Supreme Court case.

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