If you own every gun Chuck Norris ever used in his movies – you might need a gun trust!

Gun trusts are becoming increasingly popular as more restrictive gun control laws are being implemented. The latest law change will go into effect on July 13, 2016. A gun trust gives you more protection in acquiring, using, and transferring restricted firearms (also called Title II weapons). This blog post will focus on the benefits of acquiring Title II weapons.

Certain firearms are restricted under Title II of the National Firearms Act (NFA). The most common Title II weapons include short barreled guns, automatic guns, and suppressors. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is the federal agency that regulates the manufacture and transfer of Title II weapons. If you are considering purchasing a restricted weapon, a gun trust will not only streamline the process but, more importantly, protect your privacy. Without a gun trust you are required to register the firearm in your name, submit your photograph and fingerprints to the ATF, and obtain the approval and signature of your chief law enforcement officer (CLEO). Having a gun trust allows you to register the firearm to the trust, avoid the photograph and fingerprinting, and does not require the approval or notification of your CLEO. The process to acquire a restricted firearm without a gun trust may take anywhere from six months to a year. We’ve seen that process take as little as six weeks with a gun trust.

Laws regarding gun trusts are changing on July 13, 2016. Even with a gun trust, the new law will require responsible persons within the trust to submit their photograph and fingerprints to the ATF and notify the CLEO in the county of their residence when acquiring a Title II weapon. However, if you set up your family’s gun trust and file an application to acquire your restricted weapon(s) before July 13, 2016, the application process will be handled under the current rules. Let us help protect your family‚Äôs privacy!

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